DESIGN   :   Strings on both sides! What?

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Strings on both sides of the guitar!  What?


The JasperBridge's original design takes the strings from the front of the guitar neck and brings them through a "tunnel" to the other side of the guitar's body. This patented design lets you play chords with your left hand (in the same way as a standard guitar) and leaves your right hand free to play rhythms using drumsticks or other strikers. The natural bounce off the strings creates a great rebound feel and the unique JasperBridge sound.


The JasperBridge features a single, modified humbuckling pickup with volume and tone controls located at the end of the guitar's body.  This design allows an entirely new playing position as the JasperBridge is mounted on a stand which can be adjusted to the musician's height and striking position.  The neck creates a familiar feel to any guitarist, despite it being played away from the body.  The quick-fit stand was specially designed for playing while standing or seated. 

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